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Product Description

The NVS 10MG is a unique day/night weapon scope. It allows the convenience of 24-hour usage. The transition between day and night modes is done with the flip of a lever. It eliminates the need to carry separate night vision weapon scope and day scope. It is intended for use on various 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm assault rifles, machine guns, anti tank guns, grenade launchers etc.

This sight contains and adjust the brightness lit ballistic reticle

The most versatile binoculars on the market. Combines excellent crystal-clear optics with the latest digital laser rangefinder circuitry. It allows you to observe distant objects with an unrivaled image quality and sharpness plus it measures the distance to the object its speed, height, innovation and azimuth-all in one!

You choose the mode with a required set of parameters and get only the info that you need


Night vision aviator goggles provide safety while piloting helicopters and low altitude planes at night or in low light conditions. Useful for aiming, surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition.

The dual eye design incorporates two advanced image intensifiers. The mounting system allows for quick attachment to the helmet and a possibility of living the goggles up for unobstructed vision. NVS6 has been accepted for use by several armies around the world