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Product Description

Explosive Detection Systems

MistralMistral’s mobile “RED DOT” explosive detection system.

Mistral’s EXPRAY Detection System (RED DOT) offers an economical, safe, reliable, flexible and highly scalable solution for transportation industry explosive screening and detection. RED DOT delivers the explosive detection performance of the EXPRAY kit, now extended to a complete operational system that can be quickly integrated with minimal changes to existing facilities and procedures. A modular, scalable design approach allows an upgrade path to an increasingly automated system.

RED DOT is a simple and highly effective system for explosive screening and detection and facilitates a quick and easy transition toward a safe, efficient screening process.

Sometimes it is fiscally unjustifiable for low traffic facilities to implement a multi-million dollar screening system, given the relatively fewer annual screenings taking place at such a facility. RED DOT offers to smaller and regional facilities, a system with low cost of ownership because the start-up cost is very affordable and the remaining direct costs are based on rate of usage. This means that even the smallest facility can immediately implement effective explosive screening.

RED DOT scalability provides larger facilities with an immediate screening tool that can be used alone or in conjunction with other methods. The scalability of the RED DOT system means that the larger facilities can scale-up toward greater automation and higher throughput. The mobility of the RED DOT system is also useful to larger facilities during peak travel periods, when additional screening may be needed in a particular area of the terminal.

Detection ChartMobile RED DOT station is space saving and flexible.


* Small footprint – space saving
* Immediate Availability – Units fielded in weeks
* Affordable – low initial cost of ownership
* Reliability of Mistral’s proven EXPRAY technology
* High Throughput – can check many bags at once
* Mobility – “Goes where needed”
* Low operation cost
* Flexible & scalable

The RED DOT system is designed to comply with environmental, health and safety requirements, by means of: enclosure, filtration or ducting, and safety procedures.

The RED DOT Approach
The RED DOT approach is very flexible and can be used either prior to passenger Check-In at the ticket counter, or at any other point along the path of luggage from the ticket counter to the boarding/loading area.
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RED DOT Operational Benefits

The ducted explosive detection station can be installed into facilities, in lieu of the mobile, filtered station.
* Mobility: RED DOT components are mobile. They can be freely moved throughout the terminal(s) and quickly deployed by staff of average strength and size.
* Modularity: Components can be mixed, matched, and upgraded as-needed to meet changing operational requirements. Components can be reused thereby reducing cost.
* Scalability: RED DOT can be used in both the smallest and largest terminals with ease. Small or regional facilities can obtain advanced explosive detection instantly at minimal cost. Larger facilities have an immediately implementable system that can be scaled-up or scaled-down as-needed with relatively low cost and infrastructure investment.
* Flexibility: RED DOT can be easily adapted to meet near-term logistical needs and adjusted to new and changing requirements.
* Safety: RED DOT can be safely used in all areas of the port or station, including the public terminal area.
* Reliability: RED DOT (EXPRAY) reagents have been tested and have been proven reliable.