Narcotics Field Tests

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MMC Narcotics Tests

We have a comprehensive range of Drug Testing solutions available, please contact us for further information

We also have a range of custom kits available including The Party Pack

Field Test Kit / Field Test Case

Field Test Kit (F.T.K) / Field Test Case (F.T.C.)

* The Field Test Kit is a standard economic kit to be used in the field.
* The Field Test Case has got the same contents as the Field Test Kit but is packed in a stronger high quality carrying case.

Drugs Field testing Narcotics Field testing
Contents F.T.K and F.T.C.:

  • 60 Ampoules
  • Pair of Scissors
  • 1 Pair of Forceps
  • 10 Evidence Bags
  • Mini Pipettes
  • 1 Mini-Tool
  • Instruction Sheets
  • Spatulas
  • Marking Labels

Cocaine Trace Wipe

The MMC Cocaine Trace Wipe is especially developed in cooperation with Police and Customs Authorities for the determination of Cocaine residues on all surfaces such as: inside cars, baggage, containers, parcels, textile (jeans etc)…
If there are traces of Cocaine, there will be a reaction on the tissue (blue color). Contents of Flow sacks: 10 Wipes (Size 13.5 x 15 cm)


Cocaine Testing Wipes Cocaine Testing Wipes
Positive reaction on parcel Positive reaction on briefcase