Performance Durability Control and Flexibility

We are proud to introduce a complete new line of rescue equipment. Tools that have been totally redesigned, using all the input gathered from firefighters around the world, combined with know-how gained over the last 32 years.

Tools developed without compromise to reveal their true identity: the ultimate performance rescue tools.

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Product Description


High-performance: all tools have the highest power to rate ratio ever achieved.

High torque: gives fast cutting times, due to fast andcontrolled power buildup-seeing is believing.

Control: minimal kinetic energy buildup gives ability to cut impact free for critical victim safety and reduces risk of to break down

Safety: highest safety factors on critical parts like 8:1 on tail hoses- never compromise on safety.

Flexibility: now or in the future tools can be connected to any working pressure

The Cutter G Series is the rescuers favorite. the G series cutters have the widest range of cutting capabilities, from cutting round bars to the toughest of car constructions. Designed with EWOtechnology the weight of this tool does not reveal its true identity: the highest performing Cutter on the market

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