Emergency Lighting

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Product Description


Invented by a police officer, the PowerFlare® Safety Light is your best friend in the dark. Whether you’re using it on the road during a traffic accident or taking it with you on a hike, this innovative new product is for you. PowerFlare® Safety Lights feature the latest in LED light technology, emitting light in all directions (can be seen for miles at night).

Each PowerFlare® unit is about the size of a hockey puck yet is strong enough to withstand being run over by trucks at highway speeds. Click here to see a PowerFlare® unit being run over by a fire truck.

PowerFlare® products provide a powerful, dynamic lighting platform for applications such as:


  • Search & rescue (SAR) operations: tag areas and items; personal safety light; emergency response teams (ERT, CERT)
  • Use as lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster (get one for your disaster kit today!)
  • Attach as a safety light for bicycles and motorcycles (provides 360° coverage)
  • Helicopter landing zones (LZ)
  • SCUBA diving / boating and marine operations: waterproof to 300′
  • Work zone safety: mount on cones or barricades
  • Tactical operations (military and SWAT): infrared (IR) version available


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Traffic Cone Light

  • High intensity strobe for day and night use.
  • 360 ° Visibility
  • Available in Blue




Syrncro Pro Flash Emergency Lighting

Rechargeable battery variant with single super bright LED light without back-light and circuit technology giving the impression of single light source flashing from lamp to lamp along a taper




Glow SticksGlow Sticks

Glow sticks will glow for 8-12 hours
and much more depending on ambient temperature. The glowsticks have 2 years shelf life in normal temperature.

Description: 6 Inch Slim Glow Sticks with lanyard – Premium Grade
Dimensions: 10mm x 150mm
Duration of Glow: 8-12 Hour
Available Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Red
Shelf Life: 2 years
Packaging: bulk and individually