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Aircraft Recovery

ResQtec R2S Aircraft Recovery Solutions

RESQTEC develops and manufactures products primarily dedicated to extricate victims from entrapped positions or recovering heavy structures like aircraft (A/C). Aircraft recovery (AR) is a complex and time-consuming operation.

R2S > R2S (Rapid Recovery Solution) is a newly developed, modular recovery solution. R2S is unique in its ability to allow controllable, continuous lifting over a changing angle, while maintaining extreme stability throughout the lift. The compact design allows R2S to be transported and positioned easily. The modularity of R2S enables it to be used on any type of A/C. R2S can be used for small to large A/C’s – including the new A380. R2S is high performance and can reach extreme heights.

  • Continuous and controllable lifting
  • High performance
  • Rapidly deployed
  • Modular
  • Long shelf live
  • Easy to transport
  • Solution for the A380

We can offer a wide range of products needed to lift, debog or tow an Aircraft.
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